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The integration of technology is key to the success of manufacturing. We specialise in producing machines that focus on the safety, accuracy, and reliability of your production process. We have expertise in the following:




Product Communication


Systems Integration



Vision provides huge benefits in automation systems, including reduced error rates and increased productivity. Our team can help determine the positioning of cameras, and illumination for effective imaging of your product. Areas that vision inspection can help include :


Product Quality, Colour, Dimensions, Tolerances, and Defect Detection
Part Presence or Absence
Part Location and Orientation

Part Identification


The use of robots can help to make your manufacturing process faster and safer, performing repetitive motions accurately, and with consistency removing the possibility of human error.

We have a solid understanding of the many types and manufacturers of robotic systems. We can help choose the correct robot for each application, taking into consideration the range of motion, end of arm tooling, safety, and integration capabilities with vision systems and other sensing equipment.

We are familiar with all the main suppliers of robotic equipment including ABB, Kuka & Mitsubishi. Our engineers can use the simulation technology available from these suppliers to ensure the process is viable and help reduce the overall development time by allowing programming and optimising while the physical machine is in development.

Product Communication

Our team is familiar with many of the automation protocols used in industry. We can develop software to fully communicate, control and validate the product under test including:

CAN / LIN / FlexRay
Modbus / Profibus
RS232 / RS485
DOIP (Diagnostics over IP)


TST engineers have the experience of working with a wide range of intelligent products such as instrumentation clusters, multimedia, displays, HVAC,  heads up displays ECU’s, and remote keyless entry system.


We understand the importance of traceability in the production process. Our machines can record all the test data for every part and can be recalled on demand. 


We also incorporate a no faults forward philosophy on our production lines. Each machine checks the product has passed the previous station, ensuring that failed products are removed at the earliest opportunity.

Systems Integration

TST can integrate third party industrial solutions into one system to provide an overall functionality which helps to reduce cost. It also has the benefit of reducing the overall footprint on the production floor.


We provide applications for industrial process control developed mainly in National Instruments Teststand and C#, running on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

However, we are also capable of providing solutions using PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) upon customer request.

We are also familiar with the following software packages from leading industrial suppliers:

ABB RobotStudio
Mitsubishi Melsoft PLC
Mitsubishi RT-Toolbox
Omron CX-One
Omron Sysmac Studio
Omron Scara Studio
Omron FJ FH Vision
Allen Bradley RSLogix PLC
Siemens Simatic Step7 PLC
Cognex VisionPro


Machine types we can provide

Assisted Assembly

Automated Assembly

Leak Testing

Glue and Sealant Dispensing

Thermal Gel Dispensing

Plasma Cleaning

Laser Marking / Welding / Cutting

Automated Screwing Stations

Vision Inspection

Infotainment Testing

ECU Testing

Steering Wheel Control Testing

Display Testing

Electrical Safety and Flash Testing

Full Functional Testing

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