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In-line Assembly and Test

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A conveyor line is similar to a production cell, however the cells are arranged in a line. A conveyor system moves the product from one cell to another, from the start of the process to the final product and testing.

The benefit of conveyor lines is that parts can be queued up between stations to minimise the transfer time between cells. This type of setup is most beneficial for low cycle time production.

These machines are modular so stations can be added or removed from the line without major work. This provided flexibility for future throughput.


Pallet Transfer

The product is loaded onto a pallet, which is then transferred to each station and removed at the end of the line. The pallets are then returned to the front of the line via a return conveyor.

In-Circuit Test


A PCB board is transferred by two belt conveyors fitted to each station on the line. The board is lifted off the conveyor at each station where it is connected via electrical probes for testing. The boards can be also powered up and diagnostic checks can be performed to ensure full functionality.

Typical Applications


Laser Marking QR Codes

Flash Download

Vision Inspection

ECU Testing

Display Testing

Full Functional Testing

                            PCB in-line handler for laser marking             PCB in-line handler for functional& vision testing

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