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Futuristic Robot Arm Touches Human Hand

Total Solutions, from concept to implementation

Total Solutions Technology provides automated manufacturing solutions that will help your business grow. We design and build industrial equipment that will help to enhance your productivity and product quality.

Our dedicated team is fully committed to understanding your project requirements, turning your concepts and specifications into precision machines, meticulously tested and ready to integrate into your manufacturing areas.

Our Services

Our products

TST can provide you with a solution to your production and testing needs, ranging from simple stand-alone machines, production cells with robotic part transfer, through to palletised conveyor lines with high levels of automation.

Stand-alone Machines

Stand-alone rigs are designed to operate independently, without connection to another machine in order to run.

Production cells

Production cells are designed so that the production flow is split into a number of self-contained units.

In-line assembly and test

Similar to a production cell, but the cells are linear and the system moves the product from one cell to another.

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